Who are we ?

Atqen ... a group of strategic thinking that tomorrow reads to make it today. Its orientation is
centered on parallel paths of public benefit and investment


Investment Vision..Citizen Value ..Citizen Vision

Our Philosophy

Commitment, Improvement, Ability, Growth.


Legitimacy, Targeting, Partnership, Sustainability, Adaptation.

Our Goals

  • - Cultivate the value that God loves if one of you did work measurable in all projects.
  • - Invest energies positional and resources to achieve Vision 2030.
  • - Build the intellectual resources and making them into entstat that can be invested in a manner that achieves quality sustainability.


We exemplify the ideal modal for the Saudi international institutional work, which is influenced by quailed national work which induced by quailed national institutions that maximize the sustainable development of the individual and society in all sectors and through local and internationals initiatives and investments.

Board of Directors Members

Dr.Salem Saleh Alshehri

Group Consultant

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Eng.Ibrahim M Aloqaily

Chief Eexecutive Officer

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Eng.Nuha Mohammed Altajel


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Paths of Atqen

Public benefit track

Investment path

Our Activities

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drrajtybrouiaty initiative

The effectiveness of youth are related to several activities sports , supports sports investment opportunities.

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with a rosy vision initiative

program serves breast cancer patients.

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madrastty etqan hematti initiative

Special schools for people with disabilities.

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